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I am passionate about supporting birth - especially how you want to be supported!  As a Doula based in Bedford, I am a knowledgeable birth companion, who can provide you and your partner with practical, emotional and informational support through pregnancy, labour and birth of your baby (and early hours and days postnatally). 

Research has shown that women who have the continuity of care from a doula are more likely to experience a calmer birth experience and less interventions.  I strongly believe that all women deserve to have a fantastic birth experience!... That they can be informed and empowered to make their own choices, to be respected and supported through them.   

Whatever kind of birth you are planning, I am happy to walk alongside; I'll have your back.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

How can I help you as your Birth Doula?....

  • Provide you with dedicated antenatal sessions, based on your requirements

  • Support you through any challenging times in pregnancy

  • Provide you with information and talk through any questions you have

  • Help you and your partner prepare for your birth, and make a birth plan

  • Be there (in person or remotely, depending on the circumstances) whenever you need me when you are in labour, right through to when you are settled with your new baby (home, hospital or c-section)

  • Support you in practical, physical and/or emotional ways during labour 

  • Help you navigate through any decisions that need to be made during labour

I offer a birth doula package (see below), and can also provide bespoke pre/postnatal wellbeing mentor packages.

An initial telephone conversation is suggested to discuss your needs and then usually a meeting to see if we are a good match for me to be your Doula.   

(I can also offer shared care with other Doulas I trust and know.  This means you have the support shared between 2 Doulas and the fees will be slightly higher in this case.)

Birth Doula Package 

Pippa Moss Karma Nurture Birth Doula Bedford

Nav:  Pippa is very calm, has great understanding of what you are going through as a woman and as a couple, and has knowledge from her own experiences as well as her work.  Her care was very genuine and warm, a really good open hearted vibe. Pippa is very diplomatic and balanced, she never once directed us towards any decision but yet was able to help us so that we could look at all sides and consider for ourselves. She got on well with the other healthcare professionals and found a balance in working alongside them. 


She was amazing during labour from a practical point of view.  She also gave me words of encouragement at a time I think only another woman who had experienced birth herself could.  Occasionally she gave me the power of touch, she offered me water, she magically made music appear when I didn’t even realise it wasn’t there but was glad when it was! She relayed the midwife’s questions to me very softly and always at the right moment.

She reminded me to breathe at moments when I was losing my rhythm and she did this simply by breathing deeply near me to that it worked as gentle reminder with no words.

Siyar: We couldn’t have managed without her, it was one of the best decisions we made. She is very calm headed, she kept me calm which helped me to keep Nav calm. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have had the birth that we had"

Steph: Having someone walking beside me in those last weeks of pregnancy brought so much calm and tenderness to what was a very long waiting period before my daughter was born. I chose Pippa to be my doula because as soon as I met her i felt like we’d been friends for ages. I felt that I could trust her immediately and her calm, assured professionalism made the service end of things really simple. During the birth Pippa’s role was very much responsive to the situation and completely focussed on my wellbeing. We had a lovely home birth but at times I needed help to identify just what it was that I needed in that moment and Pippa was right there helping me to gently navigate my feelings and helping me to drop down into myself more to find the birthing woman that was inside. Knowing she was there was like having an anchor in the stormy seas of labour. 

Luca:   It was great having Pippa as a doula because she really knows what she is doing, she knows the world of pregnancy and birth very well. She is open and intuitive, reliable and professional. She’s a good person, sweet and ready to help in any situation. Pippa developed a good connection with Steph which really helped especially on the night of the birth.  

Pippa Moss Karma Nurture Birth Doula Bedford
Pippa Moss Karma Nurture Birth Doula Bedford

Sal:  Pippa was someone we instantly felt comfortable with. Her calm presence, strength of character and kind nature were all qualities we were looking for in our doula.   

Although the birth wasn’t quite how we imagined, having Pippa there with us was invaluable. We were able to talk through the options we had been given by medical staff, and our thoughts and feelings, and she was really good at explaining and making sure we were happy with our decision, as well as reminding us about our options.

James (Sally's partner) hadn’t heard of a doula before but was really interested from the word go. On meeting Pippa he was even more convinced that this was the right decision for us! He felt supported and took great comfort knowing that whatever happened she would be there for us and that really helped him focus on being there for me and helped manage any anxiety about labour and birth.  


She really seemed to understand us, and was there with a hug, kind words and a great sense of humour when the mood needed to be lightened.​

To have that support for both partners is incredible – whatever the style of birth.

We can’t rate Pippa highly enough – not just as a doula, but as a genuinely lovely person!  

Claire and James:  We’d recommend Pippa to anyone.   We really benefited from an extra pair of hands,  encouragement and support.

During the pregnancy, she gave great massages listened to all our concerns and took them seriously, provided evidence to reassure us, lots of advice about good positions for labour and practised breathing etc

For the birth she was very calm and was happy to arrive early and be with us from the beginning of labour.  She provided helpful reminders e.g. to get in the birth pool and encouragement and support.  She didn’t intrude on our space at all which we appreciated.  After the baby was born, ​she helped us relax and settle in with our new son before  she left, and a week later we had a lovely time at her postnatal visit, remembering the magical birth of our son.

I benefited significantly from having a doula present – thank you!"

Pippa Moss Karma Nurture Birth Doula Bedfordshire

Amanda and Alan:  

"I first met Pippa when I joined her pregnancy yoga classes at around 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby.  At the time these were held on zoom but straight away I felt drawn to Pippa’s calm, kind, empowering and knowledgeable demeanour.  The classes were great and I enjoyed the group discussion as much as the yoga itself!  It was good to have a safe space to ask questions, seek support and generally offload a little bit. 

I hired Pippa as a doula for my home birth, I would highly recommend her and I was so glad of her calming support during what turned out to be a difficult labour.  All aspect’s of Pippa’s work is delivered with the upmost care, evidence-based/impartial information giving and empowerment to the mother.  My husband also absolutely loved having Pippa’s support too as it enabled him to relax into the role of father and birth partner without having to worry about advocating heavily for me.

I would highly, highly recommend working with Pippa with any of her services and would absolutely encourage anyone who has had a bad experience previously with birth to consider the 3 step rewind sessions, they really have changed my life for the better" 

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