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That’s OK. If you’d like a free 15 minute discovery phone call with me first, just get in touch. Then if you’d like to book in your first session, which is 90 minutes, we can get that sorted for you straight away. If following that session you’d like to go ahead with more, you can sign up for a package, with the fee of the first session deducted.


Absolutely! Whether it’s with a yoga class, retreat day, treatment or coaching session, this is my thing! We will look at releasing tension within your body and mind, you will get to embody them, and I will provide you with tools to take away and use for yourself.


Please do come anyway. All babies cry at times and some are more unsettled than others...all are welcome. You can meet your baby’s need at any time during the class, whether that’s feeding, changing, sleeping, holding. It’s an inclusive, supportive environment. Also, part of our yoga and mindful practise is patience and acceptance which is so helpful during these postnatal months.  I am also happy to hold a baby :)


Definitely. It’s a common misconception you need to be flexible to do yoga; it’s more about what yoga can do for you. The yoga classes I teach are suitable for beginners, as well as those with experience. Mostly the postures and movements are gentle, with the emphasis on being mindful as we do them, and learn at your own pace.


In many ways. We practise relaxation, breathing, positions and mindset for birth, it’s weaved into the yoga along with information and also hypnobirthing visualisation and affirmations to help you feel confident and positive, for any kind of birth.


I get it, sometimes being a mum can be all-consuming and you’d love some time to yourself (in fact you know you need it!) but it seems a big step to spend the time and money, just on you! Honestly, if you can arrange it from a practical sense (e.g. childcare etc), you will gain so much from that time, it will help increase your self care day to day, and your family will benefit from having a more relaxed and positive “mummy” around. Not only that, your wellbeing is super important. If you can fill up your cup, you can give more easily without depleting your energy.

Kind Words...
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"Pippa’s expertise in bodywork, energy healing and life coaching and mentoring have been so helpful in enabling me to make some real changes in my life; to know how to better look after me so I can be there for others. Pippa’s wellbeing yoga classes, literally divine Thai massages and super-grounding mentoring support using the quantum flow approach, are some of the skills she offers that I really recommend to anyone who is serious about understanding what it means to make your self-care longings a reality."



“I vividly remember coming out of that first pregnancy yoga class with you thinking ‘wow’! Your class truly was on another level to the ones I had been attending previously. I instantly warmed towards you as a person, your confidence, expertise and knowledge of yoga poses and pregnancy was obvious, and I absolutely loved the chat and tea part of the session.

Your classes transformed my experience by how you opened my eyes to how beautiful and empowering labour could be. The active birth techniques that you incorporate into your sessions became invaluable to me; I am certain that my labour would have been very different if I hadn’t been armed with all the techniques and knowledge you gave me. And to this day I am thankful for that. 

I can’t rave about you and your classes enough! I absolutely love you and all you have to offer to  women."


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"I cannot recommend Pippa and her classes enough.   I attended pregnancy yoga and now postnatal yoga with my little girl. 

The classes are such a safe and calming place to just be and take time for yourself and your baby.

The pregnancy yoga helped me through birth and the postnatal classes give me and my baby really quality special time, and

it's  so great having Pippa and the other mums to chat to, too!" - NATALIE

"The most wonderful, informative and lovely classes. I’ve been to see Pippa in both my pregnancies and each time her classes have helped me prepare, stretch and relax. I found it a great way to switch off and focus some time on me and the new baby! "- FAYE

"I started antenatal yoga with Pippa as soon as I was able to and absolutely loved it!   I am a natural pessimist so that combined with the woes of Dr Google and 2 earlier miscarriages meant I was quite anxious about this pregnancy.

Pippa’s friendly and calming demeanour, and the time at the end of the yoga to talk with the other mums over a chocolate bourbon and herbal tea really helped put my mind and body in a better place." - SOPHIE 

"I have loved coming to mum & baby yoga, for the past 4 months it has been a place to relax, breathe, and talk in a safe space to other like minded moms.  I have felt at ease and always come away from the class calm and ready to face the day/week ahead with a positive mind. Now Isabelle is 7 months I'm sad to be finishing but look forward to mums only yoga. I will definitely recommend this to other mums to be.   Thank you, Pippa!" - JODIE


"The Quantum Flow session left me feeling euphoric!" - JADE

"Having attended pregnancy yoga and mum and baby  classes with Pippa I was excited to start Nurture Yoga.  The classes are peaceful and an escape from being mum for a while.  It's time to breath, relax and stretch my body. Pippa is a fantastic teacher and every class is different. She listened to the needs of both new mums and those of us with older children to make that class a perfect escape for us all." - CLAIRE

"Feeling blessed. What an amazing quantum flow session. Energy meets releasing meets gentle movement.   Honestly, I was a bit worried as I don’t do 'exercise'.   But it was really magical, grounding and energizing and releasing all at once. Thank you, Pippa, I am feeling good!!"- RACHEL

"Quantum Flow has thrilled and inspired me more than I had imagined! It is powerful stuff, and soon after setting my intention for the session I began to feel it. The physicality of it, the way Pippa helped me to identify the pure energy in my body and how to make it move was really exciting and empowering. I was left feeling lighter and more hopeful. Can’t wait to go back for more!"  - STEPH


"Thank you, Pippa, for the amaze coaching session. Pippa really helped me break through a big block around the clients I want to attract. Together we explored this topic and Pippa kept me on track and asked relevant helpful questions to get to a result. I now feel confident to move forward. I would really recommend working with Pippa, she is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you again" - LAURA

"I very much enjoyed working with Pippa and found that her calm and considered manner was instrumental in helping me to see  how and why I could make changes. She put so much energy and love into our sessions, carefully using her skills to pick through my thoughts and inviting me to examine them.  She helped teach me tools for life, to manage my life a little better and help to achieve my goals using realistic and non judgemental methods, so that even a stumble wasn’t a failure, merely a detour. Thank you Pippa, it has been such an incredible journey to work with you – I can feel the benefit already and I am so grateful that you helped to support me to make some really positive (and some might say overdue!) changes." - JO

I found my coaching sessions with Pippa a freeing experience. It was the first time I had tried anything like it before, and prior to starting I think I saw it as quite a self indulgent thing to do. I quickly changed that view. I realised just how much I was holding on my shoulders as a mother, sister, professional and friend, and how little space there was for my feelings and my needs. I looked at that aspect of myself without the guilt I had previously experienced with that self thought. I have learned a lot about me, and also techniques and practices that help in all aspects of my life. I think I needed gentle kindness from myself to myself, Pippa has helped me understand that, and the coaching has laid a foundation for much more acceptance and understanding. It was a very welcome, emotional and rewarding process."  - VICTORIA


"I recently attended 1:1 coaching sessions with Pippa. She was really helpful and listened; I felt that I was able to be myself and connect. Over the sessions Pippa became intuitive to my thoughts and feeling and knew exactly what to say to help understand my feelings and thoughts. Since the sessions I have been able to use what I have learnt and apply them to my life.
I can't recommend Pippa enough! If there is something you want to focus on or want to take that time for yourself in your life then coaching can really help with that. It definitely helped me focus on my future instead of looking at my past and dedicating that time to myself was an important step in working things out.
Pippa I just want to take this time to ay thank you and I am full of gratitude for the service you offer." -


"I attended the retreat at Tofte Manor and had a wonderfully relaxing and insightful day with a lovely group of people. Pippa really looked after us and got to know us, and got us thinking using insightful journal prompts. The day provided a nice balance of yoga and Quantum Flow sessions, and more individual relaxation whilst enjoying the grounds. The venue was amazing and unique and suited the retreat so well, especially the two labyrinths that we walked as groups and as individuals. The oracle cards and take home presents of tea and a candle were thoughtful and much appreciated extra touches. I look forward to joining you again Pippa, many thanks." - SARAH

"Thank you so much for yesterday, the whole day flowed beautifully and I feel so blessed to have been there with you all." - LAURA

"Thank you Pippa for creating such a beautiful and comforting space. The workshop provided an indulgent invitation to rest, pause, move in the most nurturing way and to speak easily and deeply with the other beautiful souls attending. It was a treat at the end of a busy week and I thoroughly recommend it.  See you soon for another." - GEN

"I went to the workshop last night and when I walked in I barely had 10% energy left, I felt exhausted, after a wonderful

session I can honestly say I left feeling back at up 100% ready for the week ahead with a much more positive outlook,

I so love these sessions spending that little bit of me time really is invaluable." - STACEY

"I was so relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole workshop and I got to spend the evening really amazing, lovely women.

I felt so charged after, like I really found what I went there for. I have some tools that I learnt as well and will practise forever.  Pippa you are one of a kind. Thank you so much for organising such an event. I really recommend these work shops." - SARA


"I had the most amazing Thai massage with Pippa this morning. It was such an inviting and relaxed environment, and I instantly fell into the massage bed. I appreciated how much time was taken with every area of my body, especially my shoulders and chest area where I tend to be very tight, and Pippa regularly checked to see if I wanted lighter or harder touch/pressure. I left feeling like jelly and completely blissed out. Looking forward to another treatment! "- J'NEL

"I had a pregnancy nurture massage with Pippa when I was about 36/37 weeks pregnant.
Firstly Pippa is so lovely and just puts you at ease straight away. I can hands down say that this massage was the best

massage that I have ever had and just what my heavily pregnant body needed.  Pippa always ensured that I was

comfortable and  happy with the positions etc. I left feeling like I was floating on a cloud!   I can't wait to go back for a

massage once I've had my baby!" - CAT

"I had an Indian Head massage with Pippa. But it was so much more than a head massage. She used lots of different types of massage and it was unlike any other massage I have ever had. I have never felt so relaxed after a massage, it was absolutely amazing!!   I would recommend a massage with Pippa to anyone!" - SARAH

"After having my second baby, I realised that ‘me time’ was going to be in very short supply for quite a while! But after having a c-section, I felt pretty tender and raw, physically and emotionally.  So upon a friend's recommendation, I booked Pippa's postnatal nurture treatment,   The most amazing thing about Pippa and the session, was that I was made to feel proud of my body and what it had done.  This isn’t just a place for physical treatments, it is somewhere where mentally and emotionally you are massaged and encouraged as a new mother.   If I can sum up this in words, I’d say: beautiful and empowering. I’m very grateful to Pippa for helping me feel powerful and grateful to my body and what it has achieved." - LAUREN


"I have just completed  a 4 month life coaching course with Pippa. Firstly, can I say I have never ever thought of life coaching before this opportunity came up, and to be honest I'm doing Pippa a disservice calling it life coaching. It is therapy, personal development and spiritual coaching all rolled into easy-to-digest, bitesize weekly sessions. I totally  immersed myself and I loved it. I have learnt so much about how I see myself, what I believe, how I'm triggered, what makes me happy, what is holding me back from being happy and I now feel more at ease and empowered in setting the course for my future self. I highly recommend

Pippa's Thrive course if you are 'stuck' at a cross roads in your life - be it career, family, life choices, whatever.

She will help you to see through the belief systems that have shaped you and provide the tools to change or navigate

through them as you need to. At the very least you will come out of it with a new appreciation for what makes you

YOU and with a lovely set of neuro tools and techniques for moving past the stuck. Thank you Pip." - ANNA

"You were consistently kind, supportive and always available for advice or cheerleading. The 1:1's were particularly important in helping the rest of the course be more meaningful. You were a talented and intuitive facilitator." - NICKI

"I now feel completely unstuck, expanded, and everything feels lighter and so much clearer. You’ve given us so many tools and I’ve unlocked and let go of so much of the negative stuff…gratitude is just part of my daily life now, it’s brilliant!" - CAROLINE

"I want to do the whole course again! "

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