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Quantum Flow


Imagine a process that brings together amazing aspects of yoga, meditation, fitness, dance, reiki, breath and mindset work - that helps you feel grounded, have more clarity, calm, confidence and positivity, and helps you step into how you want to feel in your life, or what you want to do? 

I'm bringing it!...

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Quantum Flow is a manifestation embodiment system encompassing many practises.  It includes wonderful aspects of yoga, qi gong, meditation, core work, breath work, dance, neuro science and more!   


It is a physical, biological, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual* practise, following a special sequence for every layer of our being - a vehicle for transformation.   It clears energy blockages, rewires our nervous system and subconscious mind to allow releasing of what is holding us back in our body, conscious/sub-conscious mind, emotions and energy.   


For me as a Practitioner, it's the "next level up" from yoga, mindfulness and mediation, reiki energy healing and self development - it's the ultimate in self care, and selflessness - as you get to shine, you share that with the world around you!

It helps us with:

  • releasing trauma from body, mind and soul

  • feel connected to the universal energy around us

  • feel more balanced and positive

  • reduce limiting beliefs or unhelpful behaviour patterns

  • rewiring our nervous system for improved mental health

  • self development and achieving personal goals

  • making positive changes to your life, inward & outward

  • healthier, stronger body

  • general wellbeing, self-care

  • (this is not an exhaustive list!)

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* Much of Quantum Flow is scientific, such as neuro-science, biology and quantum physics - it is also partly a spiritual practise, and like with other energy practises such as yoga, you can go as "woo" as you want with it!  However, it's non-denominational, you don't have to follow any particular beliefs, you can follow any formal religion or none.  Being open is all that is required.

Quantum Flow is tailored to your individual intentions and needs.  During a session we discuss how things are with  you, how you would like things to be, set an intention and go through a physical practise accordingly.

I also include Quantum Flow in my group and 121 coaching.    


If you'd like to book some 1:1 Quantum Flow sessions please contact me


Feeling blessed. What an amazing quantum flow session. Energy meets releasing meets gentle movement.   Honestly, I was a bit worried as I don’t do 'exercise'.   

But it was really magical, grounding and energizing and releasing all at once.

Thank you Pippa Moss, I am feeling good!! xx - Rachel

"The Quantum Flow session left me feeling euphoric!" - Jade

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Quantum Flow has thrilled and inspired me more than I had imagined! It is powerful stuff, and soon after setting my intention for the session I began to feel it. The physicality of it, the way Pippa helped me to identify the pure energy in my body and how to make it move was really exciting and empowering.  I was left feeling lighter and more hopeful. Can’t wait to go back for more! - Steph

Today I had a wonderful session with Pippa.   We chatted a bit and she asked me how I feel, and understood that I need an infusion of energy in my body.  As we progressed I felt so good and my mood has been lifted up. At the end we closed the session with a short meditation which made me feel soo calm and relaxed. I loved it

Thank you so much Pippa for this wonderful practise - Connie

Before the session, I was not sure what to expect at all, but I was really interested to give it a try.   If felt really good!  I really enjoyed the session, and I liked the way the music seemed to help with the flow of the session. It was fun and I felt afterwards as though I'd had a real workout, although it didn't feel strenuous at the time. After the session I definitely felt calmer and at the same time reenergised, and the effects have remained. I was definitely far calmer when the rush of Monday morning's school run began! - Helen

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II just had a lovely hour of breathing, meditation and movement with Pippa. It was a lovely session that has left me feeling energised and 'unstuck' - thank you Pippa - it was just what I needed! - Caroline

Pippa’s quantum flow classes are very calming yet powerful. She gently guides you through the techniques and I feel very supported and held by her.  I love The way I feel by the end of the class and the tingles in my body.  I enjoy having a physical way to connect to my inner being as I spend the majority of the time in my head. These classes give me a way to switch off the chatter and tune in with myself. I love the music too - Naomi

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