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Work With Me

I offer a variety of online and in-person services to help support, nurture, inspire and hold space for you to feel more grounded, spacious, relaxed and lighter.

Life Coaching

If you'd like a more individual approach where we can personalise things and go deeper into personal development and making positive changes in your life, 1:1  life coaching could be the perfect thing.   And coaching with me has a wonderful twist! I bring my own unique blend of energy, embodiment and subconscious transformation tools alongside more traditional life coaching, so there’s the opportunity to go deeper with a truly holistic coaching experience on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

There are several ways you can experience coaching with me: 


  • one-to-one sessions  over a series of weeks

  • intensively on a VIP Fast-track Transformation Day

  • combination of both the above

  • online or in person


Contact me to discuss what would be best for y ou.

I also offer bespoke and specialist packages for mothers, such as birth trauma healing.  

(Group coaching is included in the Mind, Body, Soul Workshops, online courses and retreat days, see below).

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woman sitting with one hand on heart centre, other hand open
1:1 Coaching Package

I will hold space for you, help you feel more grounded and connected to yourself, to explore and figure out where, how and why you’re stuck, what’s holding you back that you need to shift and release, and support you through that process. You will have your own personalised action plan and toolkit of techniques to bring about positive changes ; to make self-care a priority and normal part of your life.

Typically between 3 - 8  fortnightly sessions depending on need.  One-off and longer term packages also available.


Woman meditating with hands in prayer position and eyes closed
VIP Fast-track Transformation Day

Like a very special, 1:1 retreat and workshop; your very own, VIP, self-development deep dive day - all about you!

If you are serious about making positive changes, let's do it... ​Coaching, spiritual &  transformational exercises, massage and beautiful self-care and embodiment practices to help you shift what’s been holding you back, and start manifesting - being - a newer, amazing version of you.

Can also be held over two days, with messaging support for up to one month afterwards.  Online or in person.

FROM £555

Yoga & Quantum Flow

When we have children, we go through amazing changes, from when they are just a tiny bump, right up to teens and beyond. As mothers, it's a natural and continual time of transition and growth, and my specialist yoga classes are designed to take individual bodies, minds and circumstances into account.

This specialist yoga and flow will support you through your motherhood journey; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - from bump, to when they start school, right through to when they are having babies of their own! 


Held in the Bedford area, these classes are suitable for women of all levels of fitness, flexibility and experience.   1:1 sessions also available in-person or online.

Pregnancy Yoga

Come and nurture yourself during pregnancy; relieve stress, tension, aches and pains and other pregnancy symptoms, and increase flexibility, strength, positivity & calm.

With active birth and hypnobirthing aspects weaved into the yoga, you will practise positions, breathing and mindfulness for birth, whilst experiencing deep relaxation to help you connect with your baby.

Includes refreshments and supportive discussion with other members of the class. Attend from after 12 weeks - birth.

FROM £12

Women relaxing seated in Pregnancy Yoga class
Mothers and Babies stretch and relax in postnatal yoga
Postnatal Yoga

Probably the most calm class you will attend with your baby!

Spend time relaxing with your baby and other mums in a relaxing and nurturing, non-judgmental space.

Gently stretch out your body, ease out aches and pains, promote healing, increase your flexibility and energy levels whilst returning to exercise safely. 

Classes also include some baby massage and yoga, herbal tea, and chat, offering you emotional support.

For mums with babies 6 weeks - crawling.

FROM £10

Nurture Yoga is woman-focussed, embracing a feminine, fluid and  mindful practise to create and increase more awareness, flexibility, spaciousness, connection, inner calm and strength whilst feeling incredibly grounded.

Based on Hatha Yoga and inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and somatic movement, we work calmly yet deeply within to experience a practise which feels intuitive, nurturing,  empowering and  gently challenging on different levels    Leave feeling relaxed and revived.

FROM £10

Nurture Yoga
Woman sitting in meditation during yoga
woman with arms up in prayer position by tree in sunshine

Quantum Flow is an amazing tool for feeling better in every way! 

It's a manifestation embodiment process, meaning it helps you

bring positive changes into your life on a physical, mental, biological and spiritual level.   It's a mind, body and soul practice, incorporating wonderful aspects of yoga, qi going, breathwork, meditation, neuro-science, bio-hacking, energy work and more to reset the nervous system and work every layer of our being. This enables us to focus  intentionally, free what might be stuck (mentally, physically and energetically)  and embody more positivity, creativity, confidence

and calm, and more.     We use affirmations during the process and  benefit from feeling more aligned and  in-flow with life.

YOGA & FLOW classes  incorporate Nurture Yoga

and Quantum Flow with meditation

Quantum Flow

Women's Wellbeing


Imagine an invitation that offers a variety of ways to start and continue on through as a profound journey - or dip in and out of depending on your needs and circumstances.   I invite you to this.

Whether you are new to motherhood, yoga, caoching or any wellness or personal development work, or are further along that wonderful (yet sometimes bumpy) road, you are welcome.

When we work together, we practise with intention, with compassion and with integrity.   In yoga, in treatments, in coaching sessions and on retreat.   From being in the free community space, a single yoga class or treatment, to ongoing mentoring or VIP 1;1 coaching, my intention is for you to get the best out of our time together.   See below for all the ways you can work with me. 

Pippa Moss Yoga and Flow in Oakley, Bedfordshire
Workshops & Retreats

It can be quite hard to bring about positive changes in our life when we are in our normal environment.  Yet this is what I hope to make easier for busy mums in particular.   Workshops and Retreats are designed to be a) some time out in a beautiful and calming space to really focus on you, to rest and re-energise, b) be transformative in terms of up-levelling your self-care, self-development, your mind-body-soul work and c) provide you with tools, ideas and inspiration that you can bring into your every day life; this is what makes a difference.

I bring together as much of what I offer as I can, to make it as accessible as possible, and invite you to invest in your self care.   You can dip in and out, or commit to attending more regularly, depending on your circumstances.

Held regularly in North Bedfordshire, each workshop has a particular theme or focus, and is inclusive of all attendees.

NB: I can also facilitate private and corporate workshops and retreat days, for groups and organisations.  Please contact me to enquire.   


Fancy a super relaxing day off?! Reconnect with yourself and also other like-minded souls (self-care does not always mean doing it by yourself). Rest and restore at our retreat days and weekends in peaceful venues in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside. A little breathing space to gently relax, stretch and calm your body, mind and soul. We experience amazing self-care practices such as mindset, body, breath, and energy work, meditation, yoga, good food and walking in nature. Leave feeling relaxed, reconnected, refreshed and re-energised, after time away from it all in a beautiful, intimate, rural, hideaway venue.  Come with intention, bring a journal and wear your most comfy clothes.


Close up of Spiritual boho woman holding candle with crystals

The MIND, BODY, SOUL SESSIONS are workshops for women's self-care and wellbeing.  They are currently held monthly, in-person at various holistic venues in North Bedfordshire.   A safe, held, inspiring space and community, taking your self-care up a notch, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

Bringing together a beautiful and powerful blend  of women's circle, group coaching, yoga, quantum flow and meditation and more. 

You will benefit from practices that both re-energise you and bring you deep rest.  You will be taking part in self-development and reaping the rewards of like-minded community.


meditating prayer position woman with tattoos

As women, mums (and mums to be), our bodies really need nurturing. My 2-hour long treatments - which focus on where you are in your motherhood journey, and your individual circumstances - will help you release tension and return to a blissful state on a physical and also mental, emotional and energetic level, helping all your body systems; muscular, hormonal, immune, nervous system and more. When I massage, I am in a kind of meditation, honouring you and your energy, bringing a sense of release and balance.  I also practise Reiki so the energy really gets flowing!

Pippa Moss massaging shoulders in Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage

A thorough and meditative treatment for the whole body, Thai Yoga Massage (or Traditional Thai Massage) is often referred to as a "physical act of loving kindness" as well as “lazy persons yoga”! Working along the body’s energy lines as well as working deeply into easing muscular tension, mobilising joints and relaxing the whole system with massage, squeezes, passive yoga based stretches and movements. As the person receiving Thai Yoga Massage all that is required of you is lying on a warm futon mattress, remaining fully clothed and comfortable, letting your body (and mind) completely relax!

- 2 HOURS - £95
-90 mins - £75

- 90 mins - £75

55 minute treatment - £55

SCC first day Natalie_edited.jpg
Pregnancy Massage

This unique treatment consists of my combination of gentle Thai Yoga Massage (see left) adapted for Pregnancy, with Rebozo massage and relaxation with Reiki. There are gentle movements and stretches as well as massage, helping you to feel more comfortable, supported and nurtured through this special time. I can also offer you some tips to help with everyday comfort through your pregnancy, and focus on specific areas of tension, such as legs, back, glutes and shoulders. In pregnancy, our bodies are very receptive to holistic practices and bodywork, and this is such a wonderful time to find a way to fully relax into your body and feel nurtured.

(For second and third trimesters).

2 HOURS - £95
90 minutes - £75


A beautiful and nurturing combination of  Thai Massage, “Closing the Bones” inspired abdominal, pelvic and upper body massage, and rebozo swaying and wrapping, this treatment is especially therapeutic for postnatal mums, or in fact anyone who has been pregnant, at any time, including pregnancy/baby loss. 

It's wonderful deeply healing way of nurturing yourself after a life transition, such as menopause or loss, too. It's a wonderful gift for anyone who gives a lot to others, an act of self-love to be nurtured, physically, emotionally and spiritually. There is an honouring of the body, mind and soul and your journey into and through motherhood, fertility, natural phases and transitions in life.

2 HOURS - £95
90 minutes - £75

woman relaxing in rebozo massage session
Postnatal Massage
Online Course/Membership

BEYOND THE BUBBLE BATH... a special hybrid online coaching experience; part course, part coaching programme, part membership!  Covering many aspects of self-care so you can go from the basics and as deep as you want.  More details coming soon...

Roll-top bath with steam in purple room with yellow floor

"I have just completed  a 4 month life coaching course with Pippa. Firstly, can I say I have never ever thought of life coaching before this opportunity came up, and to be honest I'm doing Pippa a disservice calling it life coaching. It is therapy, personal development and spiritual coaching all rolled into easy-to-digest, bitesize weekly sessions. I totally  immersed myself and I loved it. I have learnt so much about how I see myself, what I believe, how I'm triggered, what makes me happy, what is holding me back from being happy and I now feel more at ease and empowered in setting the course for my future self. I highly recommend

Pippa's Thrive course if you are 'stuck' at a cross roads in your life - be it career, family, life choices, whatever.

She will help you to see through the belief systems that have shaped you and provide the tools to change or navigate

through them as you need to. At the very least you will come out of it with a new appreciation for what makes you

YOU and with a lovely set of neuro tools and techniques for moving past the stuck. Thank you Pip." - ANNA

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