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Closing The Bones Video

I am really excited to share with you a video showing an overview of a Closing The Bones session that I now offer to women in the Bedford area. It is a wonderfully nurturing treatment that is also a ceremony, to help bring closure to pregnancy and birth, or indeed another event in your life (physical or emotional), and can be done hours, days, weeks, months or even years after giving birth.

One of the ladies in my Pregnancy & Birth Yoga class recently asked if Closing The Bones is relevant if you have a c-section; the simple answer is Yes, absolutely! It is suitable for however you birth your baby. If you have had a c-section, it is wise to wait until your scar has healed, so there is no open wound or stitches to get pulled, but it's helpful for scar tissues following this stage. I can also show you simple techniques for self-massage to help with it's healing moving forward.

The movements and massage in Closing The Bones helps to realign the uterus and bladder following pregnancy, and the pelvis (to "close it"). It's a very therapeutic and soothing treatment, and honours the part of your body which housed, grew and birthed your baby. And because of it's symbolic nature, other aspects can be added in, some of them optional (e.g. reiki, additional massage, time to talk).

I feel so happy to be able to offer Closing The Bones to women I work with, and also very thankful to the beautiful, generous lady who gave me the idea - and permission - to film and share her treatment. You can watch it here:

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