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The Birth of The Radical Self-Care Movement

In December 2021, I relaunched my business as The Radical Self-Care Movement. The work I've been doing with mums-to-be and new mums and babies felt good to extend to people, women in general, and mothers whose children were growing bigger, and mine now are. Mothers (all of us) need to practise self-care and take care of our wellbeing, whatever stage we are at, and I absolutely love helping support people through this process.

Over lockdown, I retrained as a Spiritual Life Coach, Subconscious Transformational Coach and Quantum Flow Practitioner. I had also recently qualified as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and this upskilling meant I could upgrade what I offered the mums I work with, as well as continue on my own journey of self-development.

Running the cabin studio didn't make sense any more (when no one could use it), so I gave it up. It meant I could reach more people online. Last year I also stopped "doula-ing" and although I am not actively working to support individuals through pregnancy, birth and postnatally now on that basis, once a doula always a doula and my coaching, treatments and yoga classes continue to help provide informational, practical and emotional support for those new mothers. I also now love "doula-ing" mothers with older "babies" - some have even left home!

My mission is that self-care is the norm. That we realise that self-care is as important to our children as it is to us and that we can lead by example. That we recognise when and how we need to re-fill our cups to live our most fulfilled life, as well as benefitting our loved ones.

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