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Detox Diaries - The headaches, cravings and addictions...

Here's a summary of the first few days of my detox. The beginning can seem like the most significant part!

Detox Diaries #day1.

Part of the first task I was set includes really thinking about why I am doing this detox. And what's maybe different to many other approaches, is that it's not about a weight goal, or a clothes size goal, or a deadline or event in the calendar.

I have done this work enough over the last year to know it's not simply to lose some weight, or feel healthier. That's a nice place to start, but it's not really enough. And what do those things even mean, anyway, in and of themselves?

So I'm going deeper. Into my subconscious and soul. I am journaling around my "Why". How I want to live, how I want to FEEL, and peel back the layers to what I really desire. What my intentions are, for this detox and my life. A few bullet points to share here are:

🖊️ Being around and active longer for my kids

🖊️ Body systems in optimal function

🖊️ More in tune and intuitive with my body & emotions

🖊️ Able to resist and recover from dis-ease easier

🖊️ More energy and vitality to do more good in the world

🖊️ Letting go of food/drink addictions

🖊️ Letting go of limiting beliefs

🖊️ Letting go of what I no longer need; physically, emotionally.

And it goes on, elaborating, deeper into detail, what these things mean, building in momentum, putting in place my intentions, making them more meaningful, making them less about what my body looks like or can do, and instead my making the most of my life and ultimately how I can show up in the world, for the people I love, for my purpose. To feel what's possible. It becomes bigger than food, and me, and that is really motivating.

If you are detoxing, have detoxed or are thinking about it, what are your Whys? Think of 10 reasons and go from there...

Anyway, on with the detox itself. Getting started, and It's all about the lemons! I love to start the day with the juice of one lemon in warm water, and today is no exception. ⁠

The difference with doing this detox though is, I will be upping my water intake, and also as the days go by, upping the amount of lemon juice every morning for a while, then decreasing them again until I get back down to one again.⁠ #lemontherapy

Lemons are great because:⁠

🍋 Good source of Vitamin C⁠

🍋 Cancer-fighting benefits⁠

🍋 Prevent kidney stones⁠

🍋 Aid digestion⁠

🍋 Help blood sugar⁠

🍋 Promote weight loss⁠

🍋 Help clear skin⁠

Lemon water will also be the only thing I consume until at least 11am most days (apart from perhaps some other fluid).⁠

Lemons are acidic and I have to be careful as my teeth have experienced enamel erosion. Therefore I often drink lemon water (and any other acidic drinks like apple cider vinegar) through a straw.⁠

I will also be drinking the lemon water BEFORE I brush my teeth. This has many health benefits as it helps to flush out toxins, optimise the digestive system, as well as helping with oral hygiene.⁠

🍋 What do you give a poorly lemon?⁠










🍋 Lemon Aid 😀😋⁠ (sorry)

Detox Diaries #day2.

Ahhh the dreaded detox headache has struck! A common symptom when the body experiences withdrawal from one or more of it's usual addictive foods.

E. G. Coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar.

I'd forgotten about this!! Distracted by other things. My headache started last night and continuing today (felt gutted to wake up with it this morning!) so resting as much as I can, drinking plenty of water. Feels a little better after a gentle dog walk in the shade and a nap. And an absolutely delicious, fresh tasting green juice for brunch.

Detoxing requires us to tune in and listen to our body. To rest. Be compassionate, practise self awareness and self love because if you're pushing and trying too hard, you are not serving you or your body well.

The body is reacting to addiction withdrawal, experiencing muscular tension and releasing toxins. My mind is feeling foggy, seeking clarity and thinking things through. My mind has been busy recently. Time to reconnect more with my body and process my thoughts and feelings whilst turning down the chatter.

I feel like I need to surrender to the process today.

Detox Diaries #day3. Not gonna lie, today I am craving coffee and toast. Making toast for my kids breakfast didn't help, it was right in my face!

It's the caffeine, the carbs, the things I think of as comfort, that fill a hole when I am hungry in the morning, a habit, an addiction. I only usually have one coffee, maybe two a day. But that's enough for addiction.

Now here's the thing. I have not "given in". I have drunk my lemon water and smoothie, and gone through and past the craving. In the past I might have, but here's a different approach. I am doing a lot of mindset work around this as well as the subconscious. I am choosing to be very aware.

* It's just my body feeling the craving

* It's just mind thinking about the craving

It's not me - my soul. Souls do not have cravings, beyond wanting to feel bliss and freedom. Am I getting a little woo woo for you now?

Let's rein that back a bit... OK it's a bit like approaching stopping smoking. I know that I do not *need* the coffee and toast. It's just a little addiction that will soon not show up as a craving when I continue detoxing. Now caffeine and carbs are not as obviously harmful and addictive as nicotine and tar, and at some point I will have them again in moderation, (but will not have the odd cigarette, that's a whole other level of addiction).

However, they are low level addictions for me. Coffee is a stimulant that provides short term energy buzz, and carbs fill a hunger and comfort craving, but they make they do not allow me to feel my best, energised self.

And also for me (and I know it's not just me) - caffeine, carbs, and other things like alcohol and sugar - are a numbing tool. This is not done consciously. They become a default way for us to reduce our body awareness, intuition, emotions. Have you found that at times of stress, or when you'd rather avoid certain tricky situations, conversations or feelings, you drink or comfort eat more? I can certainly relate. And THIS is where the change is taking place now for me and this detox.

If this is resonating with you and you'd like to explore tools and techniques to release these cravings and unhealthy behaviours give me a shout, it may be that a couple of coaching sessions is super helpful!

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